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Jewelry Care

Here are some tips to keep your jewelry looking beautiful for many years:

Jewelry Care:

~ Jewelry should be put on after using products such as sunscreen, lotion, perfume, & hairspray.

~ We do not recommend wearing your jewelry to swim or shower, but if you do be sure to clean it properly afterwards and dry it gently with a soft cloth.

~ To clean, wash with mild soapy water & a soft cloth.  Pat dry with a soft cloth and lay flat until completely dry.

~ Store in a sealed bag with air removed and away from other metals.



Stretch Bracelet Care:

~ Roll stretch bracelets onto your wrist instead of stretching them over your hand.


Opal care:

~ Opals do not love water like mermaids do and they should not be submerged in any type of water.

~ Our hand dyed opals may stain fabrics if they get wet. Please handle with love and care.


Our jewelry is designed to last for many years if taken care of with love. We believe in small batch quality. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!