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Our story

Kaia Rose Collective was born from the desire to create something meaningful and unique.

A collection inspired by my two daughters and the beauty of a sunrise, turquoise waters, vibrant flowers and dreamy sunsets. The name comes from my two daughters whom represent the true essence of our brand. They are kind, loving, free spirited dreamers.

The heart of our business is to empower women to feel confident about themselves and embrace their favorite self. Our hope is that you will find the beauty in every single day, be inspired and fall in love with life.

Handcrafted designs created for the free spirit.

Channeling laid-back luxe vibes and bringing you the quality you deserve.

7% of profits are donated. We believe in big dreams and kind hearts and know that even as a small business, we can make an impact in the world.

Our philanthropist endeavors are currently focusing on the plastic crisis in the ocean. Your order will directly impact our efforts to be a small part in the big change that needs to take place. Each order will remove 1lb of plastic from the ocean.

Any extra profit from the 7% will be donated to the Dream Machine Foundation. This foundation is doing incredible things! Donations directly fund Charlie and his teams mission of making dreams come true for kids with cancer, disabilities, and rare diseases.

We will forever hold ourselves to the standard of quality over quantity, while embracing eco-friendly packaging and business practices.

Thank you so much for being a part of the movement. Forever grateful and stoked that you’re here <3